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About Us

Marion County Fair 1975F & T Livestock Market is one of the oldest operating livestock markets in the state of Missouri.  As Farmers and Traders Commission Company, Inc., we were first incorporated in 1934.  F & T Livestock Market has taken our 80+ years of experience and built a successful business around the consignor and purchaser. 

Our facility is one of the newest and most modern of any livestock markets in the Tri-States.  F & T Livestock Market comes from a rich history and sticks by our long-time clientele while also embracing new technology and resources.  They include our website, email and direct mail newsletters, and real-time Internet sale broadcasts.  We want to best meet your livestock needs whether that be by phone, in person, or online. 

We offer services seven days a week for receiving, loading, and caring for livestock consigned to or purchased from our market.  F & T Livestock Market’s team are not livestock dealers or traders, but livestock brokers.  We work with direct producer consignment as our goal, and we offer aggressive advertising that includes print, radio, and Internet ads. 


The first sale 

Auctioneer J.B. Sams held our first sale on Monday, August 10, 1934.  Manager Lawrence Blackburn and bookkeeper Veril Zoller kept things on track while W.A. Johnson and Merle Brown were in charge of the livestock.  The sale was located just two blocks west of the of the courthouse and across the street from the Robey-Robinson Lumber Company on the Zoller lots in Palmyra, Mo. 


Browning family joins F & T Livestock Market 

W L BrowningThe Browning family and F & T Livestock Market first joined forces in 1945 when W.L. (Fat) Browning began his duties as auctioneer.  Fat first bought a partial interest in the growing business in 1952. Later, he and his wife and son Ronald L. Browning assumed complete ownership in 1961. 

F & T Livestock Market grew to be one of the most respected markets in the Tri-State area while in the care of the Browning family and faithful employees.  Fat continued to be a great influence on F & T Livestock Market even after Ronnie and his wife Evelyn purchased all the stock from himself and his wife in 1976. 


F & T Areails005A new home 

We outgrew our location by 1978.  It had grown to consume most of the city block.  That’s when Ronnie, his family, and market crew set out to build the new facility just four miles south of Palmyra.  The first sale was held there on Monday, November 27, 1978, and 1,113 cattle were auctioned off. 


Changing faces and times 

The Browning family and F & T Livestock Market family grew and changed over the next 15 years.  Jim, Cindy, Mary, John, Alan, and Tim Browning grew up and became involved with the business.  

The lobby and public space of F & T Livestock Market are well adorned with photos of family, memorable employees, and valued customers.  As you walk through, plaques and awards tout the presence of Nelson Wilt of Shelbina, Roy Robinson of Elsberry, Bobby Joe Crane (the one arm Bandit) of Palmyra, Ira Scoville of Hannibal, Dwight Singleton of Palmyra, among others.  Many of the market’s biggest competitors got their start right here at F & T Livestock. 

Ronald BrowningSome long-time employees made lifestyle changes during those years and retired from the fast and furious pace of the livestock market industry.  In 1985, F & T Livestock Market lost Fat Browning.  Fortunately, employees like Bill Johns, Harold Garrett, and Jack Lowderman continued to be a big support to the market as well as mentors.  Lowderman retired in September of 2009 after 33 ½ years of service.  Garrett died much later, in January of 2014 and Bill Johns is still a cherished mentor. 

F & T Livestock Market held on as the 90s brought major change to the swine industry.  The number of hogs steadily declined until the decision was made to drop the Tuesday sale of hogs altogether.  Cattle numbers saw a steady decline in the area throughout these years, and the slaughter cattle sale was combined with the Monday feeder calf and yearling sale in 2004.  That is when everything came full circle, and sales came back to only being held on Mondays. 


The third generation 

20130407_212252Ronnie and Evelyn sold all the shares in Farmers and Traders to their six children in March of 2000, effectively passing the torch to the third generation.  Ronnie continued to guide F & T Livestock Market clear up until his death in 2002. 

In 2005, Jim, John, and Tim Browning bought out siblings Cindy, Mary, and Alan.  They became the sole owners on the last day of ’05.  The current F & T Livestock Market team is proud of this heritage and history. 

Our friendly staff is here to welcome you and provide assistance.  We are thankful for every loyal customer and new buyers and sellers!